Skil Cordless Sander

  • Koma Tools 8778 Cordless Belt Sander Bleu
    Ponceuse à bande. alimentation : 20v li ion (sans batterie ni chargeur) bouton de poignée avant. vitesse 120 350m/min. sortie pour aspirateur. régulateur de centrage. papier de verre 76x 457mm. 14x27.5x17cm (largeur/profondeur/hauteur) batterie koma tools pro seriesCaractéristiques:Unités par boîte : 1Poids : 2,8 kgVitesse (tr/min) : VariableTension (v): 20vBatterie : non incluseChargeur : Non inclusManche : Ergonomique soft touchType : ponceuse à bandeCaractéristiques : Vitesse nominale : 120 350 m/minMesure : Papier de verre 76x457 mmCaractéristiques : Régulateur de centrageMesure : 14x27.5x17cm
    92,99 € 109,99 € -15%
  • Koma Tools 08753 Cordless Sander Bleu
    Li sur batterie ponceuse. puissance : 20v et 2.0a. sans batterie ni chargeur. 1 vitesse de 0 à 12000tr/min. poignée ergonomique anti vibration soft touch. semelle velcro. accessoires : filtre collecteur de poussière + 2 papiers abrasifs p80. dimensions : 20,4x15,5cm (profondeur/hauteur) batterie koma tools pro seriesCaractéristiques:Unités par boîte : 1Poids : 1 042 kgType : PonceuseVitesse (tr/min) : 12000Tension (v): 20vBatterie : non incluseChargeur : Non inclusMarque : Manche : Ergonomique soft touchMesure : 20,4 x 15,5 cm
    28,99 € 36,99 € -22%

Are you a homeowner who likes to perform projects around the house or are you into woodworking?  If so, have you ever thought about a cordless sander?  For me, I never thought I would like a cordless sander but over time I have had the opportunity to use a few brands.  The one thing I have to say, it’s awesome not having a cord get caught on the corners and the run time has surprised me.  So how does this Skil Cordless Sander stack up?  Let’s find out.

Skil Cordless Sander – Information

  • Name – Skil 20V Random Orbital Sander
  • Model – SR660302
  • Price – $100
  • Where to Buy – Amazon
  • Skil Reviews – Skil Power Tool Reviews

Skil Cordless Sander – Features

Skil Cordless Sander

The Skil is built around a brushless motor for longer run times, a higher efficiency, and a longer-lasting motor. The motor produces 1,100 rpms.

The sander is powered by the Skil 20V battery that features PWRJUMP.  PWRJUMP will charge the battery from 0% to 25% in just 5 minutes.  So if you need that extra power to complete a job, no worries.

Another huge plus to the Skil batteries is that each cell is wrapped with cooling material to keep the cells cool and produces 25% more run time.

Still not enough?  How about a battery that has a USB charger so you now have power on the go for your phone and other electronics.

As you can see by the pictures, the battery is on the back of the tool so it doesn’t get in the way and it does help with the overall feel and balance of the tool.

The top handle has a nice over-mold rubber grip.

Skil Cordless Sander

As with most other sanders, the Skil uses a hook and loop pad.

Skil Cordless Sander

The on/off is sealed for protection and located on the front of the tool for easy access.

The variable speed dial is located on the back of the sander for easy and quick access.

One feature I like and is one of the best I have seen with a cordless sander is the dust canister.  The canister is easy to put on, take off, and clean, plus it does a great job of collecting waste.

Skil Cordless Sander

The kit comes with the sander, 2Ah battery, charger, 5 sanding disks, and a dust box.

Skil Cordless Sander – Impressions

As I noted earlier, I have had the chance to use a variety of cordless sanders, both professional and homeowner grades.  For me, I love the feel, ease of use, and power.  What I like best is the comfort and ease of control.  I have used other sanders where I feel like I am fighting the tool and it’s not user friendly.  With the Skil, it’s easy to use and work with.

Even though I am working in my garage, I still like to have dust collection.  Again, I have used other sanders and I feel they all lack a good containment system.  Either it doesn’t do a good job or the canister is in the way or the canister is falling off.

This canister does a decent job at containment and once it’s on, it stays in place.  Yes, you will have to push hard to get it on but that just means it doesn’t loosen up.

Skil Cordless Sander – Wrap Up

Overall, I am impressed with the sander.  The sander is powerful and easy to work with.  I love not having a cord that gets caught on the corners of my projects.  I love the run time and not having to charge the battery all the time.  The bottom line, it’s a great sander.  For me, it’s a great buy.  Besides a great homeowner sander, the battery is awesome and you can expand into other tools in the Skil line of power tools.

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    Ponceuse excentrique. alimentation : 20v brushless li ion (sans batterie ni chargeur) 3 vitesses 6000/8500/11000rpm. sac collecteur de poussière. disque de ø125mm. orbite 2,5 mm. accessoires : 1 sac collecteur de poussière + 1 papier de verre. dimensions : 13x30x15cm (largeur/profondeur/hauteur) batterie koma tools pro seriesCaractéristiques:Unités par boîte : 1Poids : 1 162 kgTension (v): 20vBatterie : non incluseChargeur : Non inclusInterrupteur de sécurité : OuiManche : Ergonomique soft touchType : ponceuse excentriqueVitesse (tr/min) : 3 vitesses : 6000 8500 11000 tr/minAccessoires : Contient : 1 sac à poussière + 1 papier de verreDimensions : Tampon ø 125 mmMesure : Orbite 2,5 mmMesure : 13x30x15cmCaractéristiques : Moteur sans balais (sans balais)
    69,49 €
  • NOUVELLES Balais De Charbon SKIL F0151405H4 ponceuse - 6.4x10x15mm
    Deux balais de Charbon Buildalot avec câbles, connecteurs et ressort pour Skil F0151405H4 sander. Dimensions: 6.4x10x15mm -- 2.5x3.9x5.9'' Livraison: Dans les trois jours dans votre boîte aux lettres. Remplacement:Nous vous recommandons de remplacer les deux balais de charbon en même temps. Assortiment: Nous livrons environ 50 000 balais de charbon en stock. Arrêt automatique:Les balais de charbon usés sont automatiquement éteints. Cela protège votre outil de l'usure inutile qualité et endurance: Conçu pour durer beaucoup plus longtemps que les balais de charbon d'origine. Vous cherchez une brosse à charbon plus spécifique? Avec quelque 50 000 pièces en stock, nous pourrions peut-être vous aider La satisfaction de nos clients est notre première priorité: S'il vous plaît nous contacter pour des questions ou des remarques!
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